Château de Bonaguil in Fumel

The most wonderful castle-fortress of France is situated at 40 km of Lous Rouquets and is definitely worth a visit.

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Château de Bonaguil

Château de Bruniquel in Bruniquel

Bruniquel is an old terrace village in Tarn-et-Garonne, with narrow, sloping streets. It used to be a passage for merchants and a stop for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella (at 65 km of Lous Rouquets).
Impression Château Bruniquel

Château Bruniquel


You can visit various caves, the most famous ones are the caves of Pech-Merle near St-Cirq-Lapopie and Roquemadour.
The Gouffre de Padirac has a descent by foot or elevator (103 mtr). You can make a boat tour to admire the underground galleries (at 100 km of Lous Rouquets).

Impression Gouffre de Padirac


You can visit all kinds of museums: Ingres in Montauban, museum Marcel Lenoir in Montricoux, the abbey and monastery of Moissac, museum foie gras in Frespech (at 30 km of Lous Rouquets).


If you like sailing, you can make a pleasure trip on the Canal des Deux Mers or a boat tour on the Lot river visiting various cities along the way.

Walibi Aquitaine

Children should definitely visit Walibi, at 70 km of Lous Rouquets
Information Walibi

Survival park Cap Nature near Cahors (at 40 km of Lous Rouquets), is a spectacular adventure park for both young and old!


Garden enthusiasts should definitely visit the Water Gardens in Carsac and the Marqueyssac gardens in Vézac, both situated near Sarlat, or the Cadiot gardens in Carlux. Or the 25 Secret gardens of Cahors.

These gardens are not situated in the direct surroundings (110 km) but can be combined with a daytrip.


We have various mapped drives. If you make a drive through the surroundings you should definitely visit one of the many chateaux producing the famous Cahors wines.



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